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2013-04 OUYC Annual Ordinary Members Meeting

On Wednesday 1st May, 6pm at Magdalen College. Elections for next year's committee will be held at the meeting.

All paid members of the club are entitled to attend and vote. For current committee members, this does mean thinking about your successor and ideally doing something to help your successor in those difficult first few weeks when they've lost all the email logins and can't get the mailinglists to work.

The committee's nominations for the roles of VC and RCs will be circulated shortly, any alternative nominations must be seconded and sent to me by 24th April. Nominations for the other committee roles can be taken from the floor. If anyone has any motions that they'd like to bring before this meeting, please submit them to me before 24th April, bearing in mind that any motions that affect the life members or senior committee will have to wait until the next AGM.

Thanks very much and if anyone has any questions about the meeting, please contact Henry Course: